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"CANHELP has been a valuable resource for me and my patients for many years." Bernie Siegel, MD, Founder of ECaP, Exceptional Cancer Patients, New Haven, CT.

"Because I want the best results for every cancer patient I meet, whether speaking to them on my radio show or in my practice, the first question I ask them is always the same: "Have you called CANHELP so you really know what is available for your cancer?" (excerpt from letter) Robert Crayhon, Ph.D. , Radio Talk Show Host, "The Voice of Wellness", New Rochelle, NY.

3/4/07 email re Lithuanian breast cancer client
Dear Madeleen,
It's been a while since we talked last time. I hope you are doing alright .
I thought about you so many times and keep you in my prayers always. You became like a guardian angel for us giving us hope and tools teaching how not to give up and not loose faith balancing on that fragile line between "to be " or "not to be".
I just felt I wanted to express my gratitude to you for supporting us when we felt so lost and helpless and abandoned by everybody with that horrifying diagnosis on the white sheet in our hands.Knowing nothing and scared to death. I can not find words how blessed I feel having known you. I am sorry to take your precious time for reading this email, but I just had to say these words to you.I carried them in my heart for a long time.
E is feeling good. She lives her live and enjoys it as much as she can . I do not know all the details how to describe her medical condition now, G (E's husband) would be much better at that, giving all the terms. I know that her tumor marker has been gradually decreasing since she came back from Germany. She continues to use that low dosage chemo drug that they started in Germany and feeling almost no side affects and she is also using Dr.D's healing course with vitamins etc. She is always so positive about whatever happens to her that I just admire her attitude and her strength.
G and I feel so much thankful to you for everything - for the knowledge and support and valuable contacts your provided us with, most importantly for having hope and E with us.
Before I finish , I would like to ask you to keep us on the list of your patients. I would choose not to loose this precious connection with you .
From the depths of my heart I wish you strength, health and all the best.

V, E's sister, advanced breast cancer

"CANHELP's services are life saving! Madeleen and CANHELP have kept me alive and guided me through a maze of otherwise overwhelming obstacles commonly known as conventional cancer therapies and alternative therapies. A sane grounded voice at the same time supportive and personalized to my particular needs as a person and a cancer fighter. It has shifted me from an incompetent and frightened patient to an empowered, informed and determined-to-live-through-this individual...I have a team of my own creation and it continues to grow and evolve to my needs. The phone calls to CANHELP have been especially helpful. I was literally carried through my first year on the phone by Madeleen. This personal and accessible touch is unlike any other." KD, NY, Advanced Breast cancer, 2005.

"I looked around and spoke with various cancer research services, but settled on working with Madeleen from CANHELP, because she was personable, knowledgeable and has walked the walk (with breast cancer). And I did not have to go through a lengthy process to get the information I needed for my wife who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. E.B., (D.C.), Pismo Beach, CA, 2005.

"Madeleen Herreshoff has been a major contributor to my year-old progress from the discovery of pancreatic cancer to the disappearance of the tumor and the restoration of my health. Ms. Herreshoff educated me about sources of natural and other effective alternative methods of treatment. Ms. Herreshoff has a wide acquaintance and stays up-to-date with experienced practitioners of both conventional and alternative cancer medicine. She is very knowledgeable, readily available, and, above all, a compassionate advisor." TB, WA (80 year old man diagnosed with a tumor originating in the head of the pancreas. He was told his tumor was inoperable and he was told to put his affairs in order. A year after his diagnosis, the CT scan could not find any evidence of the mass. Today, three years later he is still cancer free.

Dear Madeleen,
I heard you speak on the radio about cancer treatment options and was skeptical that you would be able to help me with my breast cancer wound and re-occurring mass. As I told you, this is the third time around for me, originally with M.D. Anderson hospital in Texas, then a naturopathic doctor and then the Internet and many herbs.

I am amazed at the research that your office has done and so very thankful. I have started the process of talking to the various referrals you have provided. Thank you so much.
EW, Utah, 08/04

Dear Ms. Herreshoff,
Yesterday I received my report from you. I want to thank you so much - the information was far and above what I expected and I wouldn't doubt that something in there will save my life. I will be recommending you to anyone I run into interested in fully investigating treatment options for cancer.
AG, Oregon, 41 yr old woman with recurrent pancreatic cancer (6/2004).

"I wrote you a letter seeking help and advise regarding an ulcerated, malignant tumor on my right breast. The doctors ...recommended surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I had a distaste for surgery and conventional chemotherapy and did not feel it was advisable for me at the age of 76. I am writing to thank you for introducing me to Dr. W. Tuesday of this week I received an excellent report- no more bleeding ulceration- no more bandages (not even a band-aid), no more tumor-- PRAISE GOD-- I am so thankful for people like you and Dr. W. who are dedicated to helping others." IP, Seattle, WA, (76 year old woman with moderately differentiated infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast with metastases to the skin and fatty tissue)

"This letter is to thank you for your concern, compassion and assistance for my wife and myself. It is also to encourage you to continue helping cancer patients such as my wife and their family. My wife has suffered tremendously from conventional chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma and with little hope for a long or joyous life. With your help we were able to initiate treatment with an oncologist who not only believes in but practices immunology. Our hopes for her recovery are now very high. Your courage and initiative to seek out the truth and bring it to the public's attention is very admirable." DH, Seattle, WA (re Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)

"After considering all the options presented in your report, we decided on the liver cancer treatment in Japan... My daughter spent a month in Japan in 1988 undergoing treatment. She brought a supply of her treatment back with, and her prescribed treatment is daily during alternate months. She has CT scans monthly and so far has a good report and according to the doctor the treatment is working. She looks good and feels good, and for this we are extremely thankful. The treatment may last for a period of five years or more. I want to personally thank you for your report, as it was well done and was the reason for our having her treated by some method other than a liver transplant." EB, Dallas, Texas (23 year old woman with Hepatocellular carcinoma , who now remains disease free more than a decade after consulting CANHELP)

You helped my father immeasurably 5 years ago and we spoke often...He is still well and kicking." TDM, Westport, CT (re colon cancer metastatic to lymph nodes).

"Your information, particularly on Dr. M. in Japan, is the most interesting and the one Betsey has chosen to follow. She and her husband, Larry, plan to go to Japan next week and stay there for 30 days to undergo Dr. M’s procedure. We all pray this will work.

"The point of this letter is – we would not have even known Dr. M. existed if it had not been for you. We received research data from three other organizations similar to yours, that in the interest of public services and humanitarian issues, do research for specific patients. Some of the reports were more voluminous than yours, but none was more to the point and none approached the helpfulness of yours!

"We have high hopes Dr. M's procedure will help Betsey significantly. It is a tragedy this procedure is not available in the United States and not even well known in the United States, even though it has been available in Japan for almost 15 years. We should all work together to do something about that." CB, Salem, Virginia (re a young woman with Stage IV Renal (kidney) cancer).

Over the past 25 years, CANHELP has reached out to thousands of people, helping them find the best alternative cancer therapies as well as innovative cancer therapies worldwide.


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“In 1999, my doctors told me I had breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes. I decided to learn about my cancer and was open to investigating all types of therapies.
I am doing well today and I consider even the unconventional treatments I took to be my “medicine.” I understand the confusion and anxiety involved in making treatment decisions, and the courage it takes to travel off the beaten path of conventional medicine.”






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