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Conference on Evidence-Based CAM for Cancer (March 1-3, 2018 West Palm Beach,FL)

sponsored by
The Annie Appleseed Project

At this conference. Ann Fonfa brings together 25 of the most creative minds in integrative cancer medicine.

Madeleen Herreshoff, former Dir of CANHELP spoke on:
Smart and Informed Self Medication

Teleconference on Cancer with Madeleen Herreshoff, Michael Horwin of CancerMonthly and Ann Fonfa of the AnnieAppleseedproject

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Founded by Patrick McGrady in 1983

An Information and Support Service for Lifesaving Alternative Cancer 
Therapies and Complementary Cancer Treatments

"Diagnosed with Cancer?"

"If You Have Hope, WE CAN HELP!"

CANHELP has been serving cancer patients for over 25 yrs.  We are an independent business entity and accept no compensation for products or physician referrals.

"Do you need help finding the best treatment that...?"

  • Is right for your type and stage of cancer?
  • Includes alternative, complementary and/or cutting edge options?
  • Fits with your lifestyle and beliefs?

"Could you use guidance with...?"

  • Making decisions?
  • Getting through the maze of information on the Internet?
  • Planning a roadmap to guide you through your treatment experience?
  • Feeling more in control?
  • Finding alternative or complementary cancer therapies that are right for you?


"Who does CANHELP serve?"

Cancer patients and/or family members, who:

  • Wish to take an active part in the healing process
  • Are willing to think outside the conventional medical box
  • Realize healing from cancer is not just about taking pills or one treatment, but an ongoing journey
  • Are looking for ways to heal without excessive amounts of stress
  • Believe in the innate ability to heal
  • Would like the guidance and support of a knowledgeable person to coach you through your decision-making journey
  • Have an interest in life saving alternative cancer therapies

"How is CANHELP different than other 
treatment "search" services?"

You will be helped by someone who:

  • Is knowledgeable about treatments
  • Will patiently support and guide you through your decision-making process
  • Has "been there" and knows the fears of making difficult decisions
  • Has counseled thousands of people through the cancer experience
  • Will help you choose treatments and practitioners that are best for you medically, fit with your comfort level, lifestyle, financial situation and that "feel right" for you.





Joan Runfola is a breast cancer survivor, a compassionate cancer counselor and health coach with over 25 years of experience.

Madeleen Herreshoff, CANHELP's former Director says: Joan is a knowledgeable, insightful and supportive person whose passion it is to help cancer clients, give them hope, guide them through their struggles and worst fears, and provide them with tools and information to choose the treatments best for them.

Joan Runfola has all these qualities and more. She is smart, patient, kind, open-minded and inquisitive! I trust you will be in great hands under Joan's wisdom and guidance.
Madeleen Herreshoff, former Director CANHELP INC.

To get acquainted with Joan, email her at

"There is no separation." - Eve Rosenbloom, breast cancer client

"CANHELP has been a valuable resource for me and my patients for many years." - Bernie Siegel, MD, Founder Exceptional Cancer Patients, New Haven, CT

“Because I want the best results for every cancer patient I meet, whether speaking to them on my radio show or in my Practice, the first question I ask them is always the same: ‘Have you called CANHELP so you really know what is available for your cancer?’" (excerpt from letter)
Robert Crayhon, Ph.D., Radio Talk Show Host, "The Voice of Wellness," New Rochelle, NY

Joan Runfola, Owner and Director

Over the past 27 years, CANHELP has reached out to thousands of people, helping them find the best alternative cancer therapies as well as innovative cancer therapies worldwide.  To begin learning how CANHELP can help you, email Joan today at:



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“In 1999, my doctors told me I had breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes. I decided to learn about my cancer and was open to investigating all types of therapies.
I am doing well today and I consider even the unconventional treatments I took to be my “medicine.” I understand the confusion and anxiety involved in making treatment decisions, and the courage it takes to travel off the beaten path of conventional medicine.”


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