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In January of 2006 I toured several cancer clinics in California and one in Mexico. One of my breast cancer clients, who wanted to find the best clinic for her situation, accompanied me.


Our first stop was at the Orange County Immune Institute, where they treat cancer patients, as well as chronic and autoimmune diseases with immunology.

Upon arrival we were graciously greeted by Dr. Iraj Kiani, Chairperson, PR person and husband of Fereshteh "Ferre" Akbarpour, M.D., known as Dr. Ferre. Dr. Ferre along with her sister Dr. Roshi are the primary doctors treating cancer patients.

I spent two days with Dr. Ferre and her husband Dr. Iraj Kiani. They were most gracious and forthcoming about their clinic and how they like to function. Dr. Ferre prefers cancer patients work with a radiation oncologist or oncologist while undergoing her immune boosting program, although if a cancer patient only wants her immune boosting treatment she is fine with that.

If her patients need access to an oncologist or radiologist she will refer them to one. The radiation oncologist she recommends will do radiation in conjunction with an intense program of localized hyperthermia.

Dr. Ferre says their best successes are with early cancers but they will treat any cancer. While we were there she was treating a glioblastoma and a recurring Head & Neck cancer patient.

She focuses on detoxification as well as diet and provides a protocol to boost the immune system. Cancer patients come there as outpatients and may stay in a hotel nearby.

The routine is as follows: they arrive mid-morning to receive several IV’s with a combination of high dose vitamin C and other supplements based on the cancer patient’s needs. A second IV may consist of Careseng, a form of ginseng. Blood tests to measure Natural Killer Cells and metabolic panel are done regularly to monitor your progress. They also have available infrared saunas, a hyperthermia chamber, localized microwave hyperthermia, Bio Rays (royal rife technology), and Dr. Chi’s mineral infrared therapy device (MIT). They provide daily organic and delicious lunches with fresh green drinks. The patient leaves the clinic around 5 PM to go to their hotel.

The Institute has a wide array of nutraceuticals available for the cancer patient. Especially for the patient who is unfamiliar with what supplements are best for their particular cancer, Dr. Ferre’s knowledge about nutraceuticals is a great resource.

I found Dr. Ferre to be genuine, compassionate, and knowledgeable. If a cancer patient is interested in pursuing this clinic, I would suggest you call Dr. Kiani first for practical details on the clinic (remember he is the public relations person), but do try to speak to Dr. Ferre personally, because she is the one who will be treating you and she is the one who has the knowledge. I would recommend this clinic to any cancer patient who wants to keep one foot in traditional medicine and the other in supportive or alternative treatments.

The Orange County Immune Institute
18800 Delaware Street Suite 900
Pacifica Hospital, Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 842-1777
Website: ; email Dr. Ferre at

Be sure you tell them I referred you and if possible talk to Dr. Kiani first. He can pave the way for you to speak with Dr. Ferre.


Our second stop was San Diego to meet with Edwin McClelland, M.D., of the San Diego Immunotherapy clinic. Dr. McClelland uses the Livingston-Wheeler protocol, which had originally been developed by Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler. After years of operating in San Diego, Livingston Foundation Medical Center (LFMC), the clinic had to close due to financial difficulties in early 2004.

Dr. McClelland worked for a short while at the Livingston- Wheeler clinic before it shut down and believed so strongly in this therapy that he opened his own clinic in San Diego later in 2004 and has continued to treat a number of cancer patients from the original LFMC clinic.

Dr. McClelland claims he has good success with this protocol with prostate cancer (he has a large number of patients who travel all the way from Turkey), early breast cancer and melanoma.

Dr. McClelland is actively involved in doing research with Dr. John Majnarich from Seattle on the Livingston-Wheeler protocol in order to gain more recognition for the benefits of this therapy. He has a small, comfortable and simply furnished clinic easily accessible from the nearby freeway. Dr. McClelland himself is very personable and will take the time to explain the Livingston-Wheeler protocol and will go the extra mile to make the patient comfortable.
Note: My breast cancer client who accompanied me decided to go for treatment here. During her 2-week stay Dr. McClelland even took her to the zoo one day for a much needed reprieve from the treatment (won’t promise you he will do that for everyone). Dr. McClelland is an ordained minister and obviously cares about his patients.

The Livingston-Wheeler protocol consists of vaccines such as the BCG vaccine and an autogenous vaccine made from your urine along with other supplements.

Dr. McClelland emphasizes that the administration of the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine is one of the corner stones of the Livingston protocol. He told me he prefers to treat his patients aggressively with the BCG vaccine in order to get the immune titers up so that the autogenous vaccine can work best. He suggests the patient is tested every three months to assure that the titers up and may treat the patient up to a year with the BCG, if necessary, along with the autogenous vaccine, which may be administered up to ten years or more.

Other components of the Livingston protocol include a vitamin A analog called cis-14, which breaks down into abscicic acid, a most potent anti-cancer weapon according to Dr. Livingston; a spleen extract, pancreatic enzymes taken away from meals, high dose vitamin C (up to 100 grams/day, an E+ peptide plus amino acids as well as possibly B-12 injections. He may also prescribe antibiotics. He recommends a modified Gerson therapy including coffee enemas. Thyroid medication may be prescribed to get the metabolism working effectively.

For more information on the Livingston-Wheeler protocol and background I suggest you read The Conquest of Cancer: Vaccines and Diet by Drs. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler and Edmond G. Addeo.

The patient is asked to come for a two-week treatment program in San Diego. He has a clinic near downtown San Diego, 7-8 minutes from the airport. Lodging can be arranged at a nearby Holiday Inn at a reduced rate of $99/night.

The cost of the treatment is $8,500 plus or minus $1,000 depending on labs. This includes a 3-6 months supply of the vaccines and nutraceuticals. For international patients the cost is closer to $14 – 16,000, which includes a year supply of vaccines and supplements.

Dr. Edwin McClelland can be reached at (619) 233-8018. He is located at 2055 Third Avenue #100, San Diego, CA 92101. His website is: and his email is:


Our final stop was to see Vincent Gammill in Solano Beach and then on to the San Diego Clinic in Tijuana.


Vincent Gammill is the Director of the Center for the Study of Natural Oncology, 437 S. Highway 101, Suite 201, Solana Beach, CA 92075. Website:

Founded in the year 2000, The Center for the Study of Natural Oncology, Inc. is an educational resource and client advocacy organization focused on helping people with cancer. They collaborate with and use their network of professionals in the oncology to find you cancer care. Although cancer referrals are technically not limited to the San Diego Clinic, the Center for the Study of Natural Oncology is closely tied to the San Diego Clinic and Dr. Filberto Munoz in Tijuana, Mexico.

After introducing us to the Center, Vincent caravanned us off South to the Mexican border. We parked in a parking lot near the border and walked across the border, past Mexican craft stands, and crossed the street to what looked like a large office building. Several floors up is the San Diego Clinic in the right hand wing of the floor. No more than a ten minute walk. U.S. patients generally will walk across the border daily for their treatments. Apparently, Vincent will accompany new patients the first day of their treatment to make them feel more comfortable with the routine.

The clinic is quite small and appeared somewhat disorganized but as Vincent Gammill explained there is a reason in the madness. And after spending several hours there it was clear to me what was going on. We walked immediately into a room with very comfortable, nice dark brown leather chairs where people were hooked on to an IV drip. We sat in one of the chairs for a while and joint the friendly talk between cancer patients.

Right next to this room is Dr. Filberto Munoz’ small office. Dr. Munoz is a handsome, modest and knowledgeable doctor who treats the cancer patients. He works closely with Vincent Gammill (he is not a doctor, but a biochemist) in figuring out what therapies are best suited for the patient depending on budget, medical needs, or how aggressive anyone wants to be treated.

Dr. Munoz claimed that he cured his brother of renal cancer with immunotherapy including vaccines. Their best successes are breast, prostate and colon cancer, especially if the patient comes to them early on. While we were there, there were both early and advanced cancer patients receiving treatment.

Dr. Munoz will use depending on the cancer situation whole body hyperthermia, selenium Ivs, Mistletoe vaccines (Eurixor), Newcastle Virus vaccine Neo-Springer vaccine, low dose insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), etc. For more information on the treatments they offer, see

I did find the clinic itself adequate, although quite modest. If you are at all uncomfortable about going to a Tijuana clinic and if you are person who needs lots of support and guidance, or if you need modern up-to-date facilities this is probably not the place for you. I would recommend this clinic to cancer clients, who are on a limited budget. I respect Vincent Gammill’s knowledge and Dr. Munoz’ expertise and know of clients who feel they owe their life and health to this clinic!

If anyone is interested in this clinic, the best way is to get in touch with Vincent Gammill at the Center for Natural Oncology. The Center works with the San Diego Clinic by arranging their treatment through their non-profit so they can get many of their costs cut.

Dr. Munoz is the medical director of the San Diego Clinic, located in Tijuana, Mexico. Their website is The cost of care at the San Diego Clinic runs around $12,000.

Vincent Gammill can be reached at (858) 523-9144 - fax (858) 523-0919 - or call toll free (800) 557-2944. Be sure to tell him Madeleen Herreshoff from CANHELP referred you!

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